Design, Set-Up, Integration

 Based on what we learnt in the previous steps, we’ll implement your design and build out the site. Throughout this phase, we’ll be in constant communication with you to ensure you’re on board with the direction.

At this stage we will be adding the content you have provided for your website. The first thing we do is to add the content to your website and create a logical way for visitors to navigate your site. After that, we will install and configure any extension items specific to your site and specified in the original agreement (things like blogs, image galleries, additional contact forms, slideshows, etc.) We would also install third-party plug ins as needed to aid the functionality of your site.

Also, at this stage the on-site SEO is done. (If you request for it) We start with Keyword analysis. We research to find relevant and high-ranking keywords that are specific to your business and then include them in your text. We search to see that your content is 

  • Unique and offering value.
  • Matching search queries.
  • Satisfying user intent.
  • Of high quality

We want you to LOVE your site, and we will need your ideas and feedback in order to create exactly the look that you want. This stage may require lots of back-and forth until we come up with something that makes you happy. 

You should feel free to contact us to discuss what you see and suggest changes where necessary.