We Deliver

The design is complete, before we sign off on the project, we carry out a usability test to ensure that all contact forms, social media links, payment gateways etc. are active and functional. Your website will be subjected to a rigorous audit and usability test to ensure everything is ready to go. We have a keen eye for detail and like to have all of our i’s dotted & t’s crossed before your site ever goes public.


When you are satisfied with the website, the remaining 50% of the project cost is paid to us.

How long will the website design process take?

The length of time it will take to complete your site depends on a combination of factors: 

  • How complex your site is.
  • How dedicated you are to providing feedback and information for your site in a timely manner
  • How quickly you approve completed work so that we can move on to the next stage.

However, if all factors are moving at a considerable pace, we complete websites within 2-3 weeks

We also stay in touch with you up to two weeks after your site has gone live to make sure you do not encounter any challenges while navigating your new website.